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Be Un-substitutable

Posted by Jonathan Ehrlich

Imagine for a moment you need to take the 7 a.m. flight tomorrow from San Francisco to Seattle. You have three choices: United, American and Delta, all priced at $399 return. Which one do you choose?

I’ve asked this question to many audiences over the years and the answer usually comes down to the one who “pays” the most.  Sadly, it’s about loyalty points, not desire. Now, let’s add a fourth option: Virgin America. Now which one would you choose? Again, the choice is usually clear and un-ambiguous. You fly Virgin. Why? Because you just know it’s “better”. You might like the comfy leather seats or the funky disposition of the flights attendants. Or you might simply feel cooler flying Virgin.  Regardless of your rationale, your reaction was instantaneous and, hopefully for Virgin, infused with powerful emotion. You just knew.

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