Ashu Garg

Ashu Garg, General Partner

The Rubik’s Cube was originally advertised as having billions of combinations but only one solution. At age 11, Ashu Garg could find that solution in 25 seconds flat.

Although Ashu hasn’t picked up a Rubik’s Cube in quite a while, he still takes great pleasure in puzzling through difficult challenges and helping others to do the same.

At Foundation Capital, Ashu works with startups in sectors ranging from marketing technology to big data & analytics to online financial services and education.

In 2010, a company that specialized in analytics wanted to get into the media buying platform business.  Ashu helped them reach the growing number of brands that were migrating their television advertising to the web. Three years later, TubeMogul is the leading video advertising platform for brand advertisers.

In addition to TubeMogul, Ashu serves on the board of directors of AdRise, Conviva,,, Localytics, Spotzot and TreeHouse – and served on the board of Aggregate Knowledge until it was acquired by Neustar in late 2013. He has also led seed investments in Robin Systems, HotHouse Labs, Shopular, and BaySensors.  And he has personally invested in Reflektion, DataBricks, Jhana Education and Vienova Education.

Prior to joining Foundation Capital, Ashu was General Manager of Microsoft's On-Line Services, where he led the display advertising business. Before Microsoft, Ashu worked at McKinsey & Company with early- and growth-stage companies in digital media, software and consumer services.  He also set up Unilever’s Nepal operations and established a values-based pre-sales organization at Cadance Design Systems while leading its overall strategic planning efforts.

Ashu has a bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management at Bangalore, where he received the Citibank Leadership award and the President's Gold Medal.

Ashu has lived in India, Nigeria, the Sudan, and today makes his home in California with his wife, Pooja (an entrepreneur in her own right) and their two sons.

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