Charles Moldow

Charles Moldow, General Partner

Charles joined Foundation Capital in 2005, with a background in general management, sales, marketing, product management, and business development. Before coming to Foundation Capital, he was part of two teams that successfully built companies from early start-up through greater than $100 million in sales and exits near or above a billion dollars. Charles has made fourteen investments since joining Foundation, of which five have been acquired: PowerSet to Microsoft; Xoopit to Yahoo!; Adwhirl to Google; Weblistic to Spot Runner; and, Therative to Phillips. Charles' current portfolio includes: AdRoll, AuxMoney, BancBox, CloudOn, DogVacay, LendingClub, Lending Home, Motif Investing, and OnDeck. He is an active board observer at both CiiNow and Refresh.

Prior to Foundation, Charles spent five years with Tellme Networks and was a member of the founding executive team. While there, he led Tellme in raising one of the largest private financing rounds in the country post-Internet bubble, adding $125 million in cash to the company balance sheet during tough market conditions in August, 2000. Tellme was acquired by Microsoft in 2007 for $760 million.  

Prior to Tellme, Charles was a member of the founding team of Internet access provider @Home Network. In 1996, he established the @Media division; and over the ensuing three years helped establish @Media as the leading broadband media provider. In 1997 the company went public. A year later, Charles assisted in the $7 billion acquisition of Excite Network. After the merger, he became General Manager of Matchlogic, the $80 million division focused on interactive advertising.

Charles' entrepreneurial penchant dates back to 1989 when he co-founded OnTime Guide—which replaced the OAG Pocket Flight Guide as the must-have resource for frequent business travelers—and PrimeTime Partners, which attempted to establish a new category of self liquidating promotions on behalf of advertisers and direct marketers. Prior to that, Charles spent three years in the Mergers and Acquisitions practice at Merrill Lynch.

Charles holds a BS degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and received his MBA from Harvard University. He lives in the Bay Area with his wife and four children.

Charles' assistant, Rita Murray:

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