Azure Power, a leader in the Indian Solar Industry, has been at the forefront of developments in the sector since its inception in 2007. Azure Power is driving India's economic development and promoting inclusive growth by delivering lowest cost (clean energy) to communities, governments, commerical and rural customers throughout India.

Azure Power has one of the largest portfolio of operating plants in India with a vision to prove that solar energy is the most affordable and reliable power generation source for forward-thinking power consumers. The basic purpose of Azure Power is to be the lowest cost producer of solar power in the world. By providing solar energy as a service, Azure Power manages the entire project process for its customers, reduces costs of generating electricity, and provides long term predictable pricing.

Azure Power's team has decades of experience building industry-leading companies, executing complex infrastructure projects, and financing high-growth enterprises. Azure Power has continuously demonstrated its cost leadership and continuous push towards grid parity for solar power in India.


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