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Fastback Networks technical & economic breakthrough changes the nature of transporting small cell backhaul traffic, lowering cost of operations and opening doors to a new generation of mobile services.

The Fastback solution is an entirely new class of wireless backhaul devices with throughput of up to 500Mbps regardless of the nature of line of sight conditions. This leap in performance enables the Fastback solution to fill the physical gap between the location of today’s fiber service edge and all the other locations that mobile device users require service. This fusion of the most advanced radio and high performance networking technology transforms small cell backhaul into a ubiquitous wireless service edge extension with fiber equivalent performance.

Companies leading the new generation of mobile services can deploy the Fastback solution to quickly and cost effectively provide services anywhere, accelerating the adoption and monetization of new 4G based mobile services. Mobile network operators can provide services in any optimal location with high performance backhaul of small cell traffic to the nearest fiber. And fiber network operators can deploy the Fastback solution to extend existing fiber to reach new customers with new connectivity and service business opportunities.


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