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“Flip” Filipowski
CEO, SilkRoad
Having known one of the partners of Foundation Capital for over 15 years, I knew the firm to be a strong and insightful player in the venture capital community. My expectations were far exceeded, however, when the firm invested in our idea of using the SaaS business model in the Human Resource arena.

SilkRoad technology, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated Employee Talent Management Solutions that facilitate the hiring, development, and management of the talent of an organization. Through SilkRoad's solutions, companies are able to hire better employees, increase tenure, identify high and low performers, and better leverage the employee's potential inside the organization. The company’s Life Suite includes OpenHire for recruiting management, RedCarpet for employee onboarding and life events, WingSpan™ for employee performance management, GreenLight™ for compensation management, and Eprise™ for employee intranets and content management.


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Warren Weiss

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