Scott Lang
CEO, Silver Spring
Foundation Capital has been instrumental in our success from the very beginning. Our idea was nothing less than completely revolutionizing the way utilities—one of the country’s most important, bedrock industries—control and manage information. Foundation saw that our networking and smart grid technology would be able to breathe new lire into today’s trillion-dollar patchwork quilt of legacy systems. Today, Foundation remains our largest shareholder, and I continue to be in daily contact with them as Silver Spring redefines the technology landscape for utilities.

Silver Spring Networks is the first and only company that provides utilities a single wireless network for the ubiquitous coverage of the last mile distribution grid. Silver Spring’s smart energy network provides electric, gas, and water utilities with a proven and scalable solution that enables advanced metering, remote service connect and disconnect, and a broad array of distribution automation solutions that allow utilities to unlock the efficiencies that can be realized with a smart grid.


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Warren Weiss

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