Spotzot is a rapidly growing network of 30 million high-intent mobile shoppers who regularly make their purchases offline at brick and mortar retailers. SpotZot reaches these shoppers by providing a location based in-app shopping service to high traffic shopping, rewards, search and social apps.

SpotZot provides a rich in-store shopping experience for retailers and brands where users can discover the latest trends, best offers, redeem coupons, compare offers, find nearby stores and call the retailer for additional information or to schedule an appointment. On average, 40% of SpotZot's users return on a monthly basis, and more than half a million shoppers are active on the network on any given day.

Retailers and brands realize significant value in driving shoppers to stores since more than 60% of consumers on the network are on their path to purchase, 30% are spotted in the vicinity of stores, and up to 15% are tracked redeeming offers at a store. Founded in 2009, Spotzot is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.


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