Edward Fenster
Co-CEO, Sunrun
Prior to our first meeting, Foundation had studied our market and understood our business. Where others were narrowly fixated on certain technology, Foundation saw the opportunity to build a big and meaningful business in residential solar service. The Foundation team worked nights and weekends to understand our complex business, moving from first meeting to closing in only two months. As board members, they’ve been supportive, have made key introductions, and have been just a pleasure with which to work.

Sunrun is the nation's leading residential solar electricity provider. Sunrun offers an affordable, hassle-free solar alternative to buying expensive electricity from the utility by providing homeowners a low fixed rate for solar electricity that will never increase. Sunrun Solar Service includes the installation of a solar electricity system along with maintenance, monitoring, and repairs at no additional cost in order to guarantee energy production. Sunrun is working to speed progress towards energy independence and environmental security.


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Steve Vassallo

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