Semiconductor & EDA

Semiconductors, and the electronic design automation (EDA) tools used to create them, have always been the key enablers of the computer, communications, and consumer electronics industries. However, the desire for “faster and cheaper,” as expressed by Moore’s Law, is no longer the only driving force behind the industry. Now energy concerns are pushing semiconductor designers to emphasize lower energy consumption over speed, and semiconductor technologies are critical to the new industries of solar photovoltaics and LED lighting. Mobility, and our desire to stay constantly connected, are also driving the industry to higher levels of integration and faster communications, especially wireless.

At Foundation Capital, we have always seen the semiconductor industry as one that is ripe for truly innovative thinking and inspired vision. It takes a special understanding of the technologies, markets, and the supply chain—how the semiconductor technology benefit is ultimately delivered to the end consumer—to identify and support the entrepreneurs who embody those elements and who can bring those visions to reality.

Current Investments

ACCO Semiconductor
ACCO is a fabless semiconductor developer of innovative CMOS RF solutions for the wireless industry. Based in both France and California, the company has a long history in delivering advanced …
XMOS provides a new type of programmable component, Software Defined Silicon (SDS), based on an array of high-performance, event-driven processors. Designs are created in high-level languages, delivering…

Prior Investments by members of the FC Team

Atheros Communications
Acquired by Qualcomm
Extreme DA
Acquired by Synopsys
Jasper Design Automation
Acquired by Cadence
Acquired by Integrated Device Technology
Acquired by Silicon Image, Inc.
Acquired by Cadence Design Systems