Our Philosophy

Several core beliefs guide our approach to doing business.

We believe that helping others bring great ideas to life is our ultimate achievement. We put entrepreneurs first, because as entrepreneurs and technologists ourselves, we also have succeeded and failed, and know what it's like to walk in those shoes. The relationship we have with our portfolio companies is thus a true, hands-on partnership, embodying respect, support, empathy, and trust.

We believe that while working with a sense of urgency is important and necessary, patience, nonetheless, is a virtue; we tend to invest more slowly, and take a longer view of a sustainable company lifecycle. The companies that do best in this model are those that compete in large markets, as those markets provide the opportunity to create a business of substance from whole cloth, and allow companies time to tune their product and sales model. This way of thinking leads us to make fewer investments, and then work exceptionally hard to make them successful.

We believe that having a multidisciplinary team—including experts in engineering, product development, marketing, sales, and operations management—is necessary, but not sufficient. We believe that such a team also must be more than the sum of its parts; that while each member's expertise must be vertically deep, it should also overlap to some extent the expertise of the others. This contributes to a more holistic perspective on building successful strategies for growth.

Finally, we believe in honesty and transparency in all of our dealings. We have no hidden agendas. While money is an important and necessary component of what we do, it is not our motivator. We are people who are curious about the world, and about how to make it better. Our satisfaction comes from meeting people who feel the same way, and then helping them become successful.